We are the UNITED body of Christ, standing together, standing strong, under God, taking territories from the enemy, and spreading the GOSPEL of Salvation through Jesus Christ! Together we are formidabe! Halleluyah!

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What is a Network

The SFF Global network can be compared to a knotted fishnet with a multitude of cells of varying sizes, each linked to all others directly or indirectly. The New Testament definition of the Church is an example of networking. The Church is pictured as a united body of many parts, gifted believers functioning together in ministry and mission (1 Corinthians 12:4-31). The controlling power of the network is the authority of God's Word and the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Network Vision:

A network is the joining together of many segments to make a whole. Working between denominations, organizations, and nations in a new network of evangelism, church planting & SAVING SOULS is the vision of this church body. Simply stated, a network consists of people working together, talking to each other, sharing ideas, information and resources to achieve a common goal of getting the world ready for the second coming of Christ.

Whats is the goal?

For our international Network of churches, missions & ministries, that goal is reaching the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and of working to see that souls are saved, families are restored back to God, more churches are planted using both old fashion and fresh radical ideas and methods.

The Great Calling:

We are a NETWORK of Gospel soldiers totally focused on carrying out the GREAT COMMISSION [Matthew 28v18-19], called to go and make disciples of all nations, bapstising them in the name of the Father, Son & The Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus commanded. We are END TIME CHURCHES operating in accordance to the promises stated in the Book of Joel - [Joel 2v28-29]

We are Kingdom come, Spirit Guided, Non-Denominational, Independent and Second coming focused group of churches that are celled to SAVE SOULS, search for and find the lost and enable the earth to be in readiness for Kingdom come.

Network Benefit:

1. Spiritual covering & confidence.
2. Ordination Training & credentialing if/as required.
3. Help with setting up your own bible school, college, academy or institute.
4. Unlimited resources availability.
5. Confidence in belonging - As you are not alone.
6. You retain your ecclesiatical & mission sovereignty.
7. Partnership with other network members/churches globaly.
8. International mission/church planting support.
9. Ecclesiatical endorsement where applicable.
10. Help to establish your own radio network & support.
11. Help with Church website support & assistance.
12. Christian book publishing support.
14. You retain 100% financial independence.
15. Assistance to train new pastors/missionaries/disciples.
16. Annual report preparation support.
17. Prayer support/Chain prayer support if/when in crisis.
18. Free annual membership - No fees charged.
19. All your church property and assets remains yours.
20. Free & reliable guidance of credible elders.
21. Fully independent and yet fully connected.
22. International Conferences support/All 5 continents.
23. Help with establishing Cafe Styled churches.
24. Accountability Partner Support.

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